Forge's New Brand

Forge Studio is excited to announce our new brand! We've been hard at work aligning on who we are, what we value, and the services we offer to our clients.

Katie Cooper

Sr. Product Designer

To Forge is to create.

For us, that may be trying to launch a new product, rearchitect an existing one, or researching why people aren’t using that feature the team was so excited about. Deeper than that, we create a path for our clients to get from point A to B, from 0 to 1, and beyond.

We wanted our new brand to reflect this—we take complex problems and forge a clearer, more simple path forward. Ultimately, delivering a product that people love to use.

But wait, it’s not that simple.

We are not naive. We recognize and embrace that the journey from point A to B is not always simple and clear—at least at first. It can be complex and messy. Filled with a whirlwind of decisions that need to be made, a mountain of problems to solve, and a task list that seems to be never-ending. This is where we thrive. Give us the chaos and we will break it down and turn it around.

We can do this because we are a team of experts that are passionate about not only solving problems but anticipating the problems that are hard to see coming. We understand that a solid foundation of research and strategy informs good design and drives successful outcomes. We use a combination of best practices and new ideas to get the job done. We expect and embrace healthy conflict along the way—because we know it's necessary to help solve complex problems. 

Taking care of and supporting our clients throughout the entire process is what we do best. With their goals in mind, we guide, nurture, and design products that people actually use.

Ready to get to work?

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