Project Vision

The Financial Health Network, a national research and non-profit membership organization, has a complex mission that straddles research, capacity building, and connecting leaders. In order to show all available and future content from their existing brands and sub-brands, they needed a website that will help their network of users easily navigate through the vast majority of articles, video and audio files.

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User research, Information architecture, Workshop planning and facilitation, Product strategy, Service design, UI/UX design, Design system


Website, Design System



The Challenge

Complex Content ManagementAs a renowned organization with a wide variety of content they were struggling to convey a unified web experience that was easy to navigate. Their large content library consisted of articles, blog posts, video files and podcast episodes all associated with a variety of different topics needed to be organized. But also, there was a problem with highlighting and showcasing their beneficial tools and resources they offer to their network.

The Solution

We engaged in a discovery process with FHN internal stakeholders and members to understand their core challenges and visions. Because FHN stakeholders were not digital natives, we introduced them to the pros and cons of nested versus content-first approaches to structuring their site.

After exploring how competitors use these architectures to tame their complexity, we presented them with various design options for each approach. FHN favoured a content-first approach to increase discoverability and user engagement with their rich research content. In our strategic discussions, we helped them realize how this architecture would make equal space for the different brands across the organization while providing the flexibility for growth in new areas.

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