Project Vision

Forge partnered with the Opkey team to rethink and simplify its no-code test automation platform with a platform redesign and design system to deliver a user experience that raises the UX quality bar for an entire industry.


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The Challenge

Forge worked closely with the Opkey team to rethink and simplify the user experience of its no-code test automation platform.

  • Simplify the user model to focus on 2–3 primary user types
  • Simplify mental model to be easier to understand platform ecosystem
  • Flatten information architecture and navigation to be easy to understand and able to quickly jump from the highest macro view of an enterprise's technical operations down to a single field in a business user's workflow through a visual mapping experience
  • Surface platform content and capabilities
  • Streamline workflows regardless of technical proficiency
  • Bring all user types into the product to increase collaboration while bringing the discussion to where the decisions are being made

Opkey's user interface before our redesign
Opkey's user interface before our redesign

The Solution

Opkey’s no-code test automation platform is so easy to use, both business and technical users can automate their application testing in hours, not months.  

Opkey's no-code test automation interface design.

Instantly Discover

Opkey's test automation tool plugs into your ERP environment to immediately discover your legacy tests. Opkey also mines your process logs to identify gaps in coverage.

  • Fill in the gaps: apply our library of 30,000 pre-built tests to help you achieve 90% test coverage in just hours.
  • Eliminate the need for prolonged business process documentation sessions & complex Excel spreadsheets.
Image of Opkey's no-code test automation builder user interface design.

A Google Earth-like “zoom to navigate” experience

To reorganize and simplify Opkey’s navigation, we coupled our process map with our layer panel to enable a seamless and natural Google Earth-like experience that allows a user to zoom as far in or out as they want—from an org-wide view across all of your business units and major platform instances all the way down to a specific field in an “update Salesforce contact” UI with its corresponding configuration, data validation, and example data without ever leaving our map canvas—simply zoom in or out on the map canvas and/or the layer panel.

Image of Opkey's user interface design showcasing the process map's system of map element types that progressively reveal more information as you zoom in and less as you zoom out.

Opkey’s no-code drag-and-drop test builder

We designed Opkey's drag-and-drop test builder to enable admins and business users to intuitively build any test, no matter how complex. Here, we’re drilling into a test case and adding and configuring a step to the automated process. The user simply selects the type of business component to add from a list in the left panel and drags it into the correct place in the process order. Processes at this level are linear, meaning there is a single path from start to finish. So users can easily reorder and configure any step, as well as view insights and data to ensure the steps are being configured correctly from the start.

Image of Opkey's user interface design showing a user using the no-code drag-and-drop interface to add a step to a process in the process builder.

Painlessly Maintain

Easily sustain your enterprise continuous testing program with the help of AI. Reduce test maintenance efforts by 80% with self-healing scripts.

  • Schedule any test to run when and where you want with our test automation platform. Opkey supports UI tests, unit tests, integration tests, and more.
  • Collaborate across departments and raise tickets without leaving the platform.
  • Easily diagnose why tests fail, self-heal broken tests, and escalate defects to the right people.
Image of Opkey's user interface design showing a user drilling into a single field and viewing a screenshot from Opkey's screen recorder feature.

Enterprise-grade design system

An enterprise-grade design system to power the next generation of Opkey’s no-code automation testing platform.

Collage of custom UI components for Opkey's enterprise design system