Project Vision

The ShopPad team built a successful suite of apps on the Shopify platform with broad functionality for store owners and integrations that enabled automations optimized for the Shopify platform. In contrast to their competitors, ShopPad provided a service layer for novice users that provided critical value to an untapped market unserved by other similar products. They needed a spearhead baseline UX improvements and generate features in their MESA product.


User research, Product strategy, UI/UX Design


Design system, Product design



The Challenge

Fundamental UX Improvements

We needed to improve and extend feature capabilities and incorporate new features into the product.

Increase Utilization

We needed to unlock efficiency and consistency throughout Shopify’s Polaris design system—particularly as a rebrand and overhaul of their website was underway.

Increase MESA Visibility

MESA sat at the bottom of a complex hierarchy within Shopify’s information architecture and interface. This limited its visibility and usability—posing strategic questions about how it could be elevated and improved.

Product flow
Product flow

The Solution

We engaged in regular working sessions with their team to enhance the user experience through:

  • Improved field token selection
  • New user onboarding
  • Optimizing the home dashboard
  • Streamlining automation step configuration
  • Simplifying automation testing
  • Improving discovery of the automation template

We leveraged, customized and combined the look of Shopify’s Polaris design system with the new brand while also designing custom components that better met their needs.

Collage of pricing table UI

Increase Utilization

We established designs that would promote discovery and better showcase the benefits of automation to new and advanced users. We created coherence between Shopify's Polaris design system and newly branded local components to achieve a better user experience and consistency between the marketing website and the app.

Collage of product UI and design

Implementing User Feedback

When MESA's customers requested more space to build within the app, we responded with designs that reduced the design footprint, supported loops, and made the process more fun.

Connect flow UI
Connect flow UI


Launching MESA independently allowed ShopPad to highlight the app’s new unique benefit of automation for Shopify stores, with a new look and feel, and an enjoyable user experience in the stand-alone app or within Shopify.

Editing dashboard UI
Editing dashboard UI

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