Project Vision

The ShopPad team is passionate about highly scalable solutions for growing Shopify stores and created a successful suite of apps for the platform. They are dedicated to creating the finest solutions for Shopify's eCommerce platform so that their customers can grow their businesses. With the launch of a stand-alone MESA app, they needed a website where they showcase the features of the product and test future directions for their business.


User research, Information architecture, Product strategy, Service design, UI/UX design, Design system


Website Design, Design System



The Challenge

By launching a stand-alone application, the ShopPad team noticed that their website wasn't successfully communicating the benefits of their application.The visuals designs for the site needed to be updated to better align with the design system for the application—as it was outdated and inconsistent. We also needed to solve for their complex pricing structure that resulted in large amounts of misunderstanding and confusion.

Card design from the MESA website
Card design from the MESA website

The Solution

We worked with MESA's new brand and created a seamless experience between marketing and product by creating a consistent, scalable design system. We improved the information architecture and recognizable patterns between the application and the website to create a better, less jarring user experience. This resulted in less confusion and more clarity throughout.

Cards from the website
Website showing app integrations

Pricing Structure

The ShopPad team found that their pricing structure was a primary point of confusion. We took into account all feedback from users and applied industry standards in order to reduce misunderstanding at each pricing level. We offered to divide the pricing page into two sections as the data showed that the majority of users decided between three main plans, but also needed the flexibility to display all available payment options.

Pricing tables
Pricing tables
how it works with flow ui
how it works with flow ui

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